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Adventurous Activities Edinburgh


Where are you based?
Intrepidus Outdoors HQ is in Edinburgh.

Where do I meet you for our trip?
In most cases we collect you from your hotel or accommodation in Edinburgh.

Do I need previous experience to go on your adventures?
No, most of the adventurous experiences that we deliver are suitable for people with no experience in that activity. For our intermediate and advanced trips, we do require some experience and you can enquire about this with our booking team.

What level of fitness do I need to go on your adventures?
We require a reasonable level of fitness but you don’t need to be Olympic athletes. The activities we deliver involves walking, climbing (up and down), abseiling, and jumping, swimming and riding bikes.

What if I have or had an injury?
The activities we deliver are physical, and it can aggravate existing injuries. If you are unsure please check with your doctor and the Intrepidus Outdoors booking team.

What if I have pre-existing medical conditions?
Please check with your doctors and insurance as they will be able to advise you as to what level of activity you can partake in. Please also inform the Intrepidus Outdoors team when booking.

Can children come on adventures?
Yes. Young people from the age of 10 can join us on private group bookings. We have equipment for children to wear, but they must fit the safety equipment correctly to participate. Please check with the Intrepidus Outdoors booking team.

Am I too old to go adventuring?
Probably not. Give us a call if you’re unsure 0131 357 1990

Can I wear my own wetsuit?
We would rather that you use our wetsuits. They are specifically made for canyoning and offer additional protection when sliding and jumping.

What do I need to bring?
Have a look at the joining instructions emailed to you once you have booked. This provides you with everything that you need to know.

I cannot swim. Can I go canyoning/coasteering?
Yes. We have buoyance aids that will keep you safe.

Is there a weight limit?
Only for canyoning. For safety reasons, customers must fit the protective equipment. Participants must have a waist and hip measurement of 45 inches or less. If you have any concerns, please contact the Intrepidus Outdoors booking team.

What do you provide?
We provide all technical equipment. Have a look at the joining instructions emailed to you once you have booked. This provides you with everything that you need to know.

Can I bring my camera?
Yes. But we can not guarantee its safety – clients often drop them. If you are concerned, we will be taking pictures and our office team will forward them on to you once we return to Edinburgh.

What I need to cancel my adventure?
Please read the Intrepidus Outdoors terms and conditions of booking

What if I want to add/remove people from my booking?
Please read the Intrepidus Outdoors terms and conditions of booking

Intrepidus Outdoors

Intrepidus Outdoors specialises in Outdoor Activites Edinburgh. We are a adventure tourism and outdoor education provider based in Edinburgh. We specialise in canyoning, coasteering, mountain biking and hill walking, and deliver these adventurous experiences across Scotland and the North of England. The experiences that we provide take clients into some of the most exquisite, incredible and extreme environments the UK has to offer.

Mission Statment :

To deliver the highest quality adventurous experiences to entertain, thrill and inspire.

Outdoor Activities Edinburgh & Scotland

Our values reflect those of a business started by a small group of rock climbers and mountain bikers. The experiences that we have had adventuring, and our passion for the outdoors, has led us to choose a lifestyle dedicated to sharing our love for the outdoors with others. The approach that we take to the experiences that we provide, and the business that we run, is that of sustainability, and an unapologetic quest for quality.

For us at Intrepidus Outdoors, we recognise that our experiences kayaking in clean rivers, surfing on unpolluted beaches and climbing frozen waterfalls have contributed to who we are as people. Therefore, protecting the planet so that the next generation of adventurers can have their own experiences, is hugely important for us. We believe that for people, communities and businesses to make the choice to minimise their impact on our planet, they must first value the planet that we have. We feel that the best way for people to value our blue planet, is to have first hand quality experiences in nature. They can then see the beauty of a forest, feel the power of an ocean and learn to love what is outside our towns and cities, so that they then fight to protect them. We strive to through the products that we deliver make a small difference to peoples understanding of the impact that they have on our world.

Our experiences adventuring have made us who we are and Intrepidus Outdoors is a reflection of us. We provide real adventurous experience that we hope you will cherish.

Adventure Activities Edinburgh & Scotland

There are cities where stuff is happening all year round and where you will never get bored. Edinburgh is undoubtedly one of these cities. It’s an extraordinary place, full of history, festivals, impressive architecture and plenty of attractions you won’t find anywhere else. Not to mention that we are located on the door step of so many amazing adventures and outdoor experiences.

We would like to introduce you to this extraordinary city, giving you a full range of possibilities that can be found north of the wall! Edinburgh has a huge dose of beautiful history, world-famous festivals, fantastic attractions, adrenaline fuled expereinces and great food. Edinburgh is calling you and you simply cannot refuse its invitation.

There are a many outdoor and adventurous experiences to be had in Edinburgh. If you are a thrill seeker visiting Edinburgh and interested in a canyoning, coasteering or mountain biking adventure in Scotland, Get In Touch!

Outdoor Adventures Scotland

It’s no secret that Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From the rural coastlines to vast mountain ranges, we have it all.

Whatever kind of experience you’re after you’re sure to find it here, so we’ve put together an adventurer’s guide to Scotland to help get you started. Our guide breaks down all the outdoor activities Edinburgh has to offer and many more adventures to keep you entertained on your holdiay.

To read more check out our adventures guide to Scotland [here]

Check out our Trip Advisor, Youtube channel, Visit Scotland page and blog to hear about how others found their outdoor adventure with Intrepidus outdoors and to see what we do!


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