Ticino Bouldering Holiday

Intrepidus Outdoors and Eliot Stephens have come together to offer a unique bouldering coaching holiday to Ticino Switzerland.

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Experience Ticino, one of the World’s most famous bouldering destinations, under the guidance of one of Britain’s top Boulderers.



  • £499


  • 6th-13th March 2019
  • 12 places available
  • 5 days of bouldering coaching
  • Transport from Milan, accommodation and coaching included

Ticino Bouldering Holiday 2019

About Ticino, Switzerland

Switzerland has long been regarded as one of the world’s most popular and historic bouldering areas. Originally frequented by the likes of Fred Nicole and Bernd Zangerl, Switzerland combines some of the most idyllic landscapes, and perfect Gneiss bouldering there is. A mere 2 hours north of Milan, the Italian speaking canton of Ticino offers 3 main areas. With everything from beginners problems to world-class blocs, Ticino has something special for everyone.

Whether it’s the beautiful chestnut covered hillside of Cresciano, or the exquisite stone villages and long winding mountain approach of Brione, Switzerland really is a magical place to climb. Wake up in a beautiful rustic house, with views across the town of Bellinzona, before making a short journey to some of the world’s best boulders.

This place is not to be missed.


About Intrepidus Outdoors

Intrepidus Outdoors is an adventure tourism and outdoor education provider based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We specialise in canyoning, coasteering, mountain biking, paddle sports, and mountaineering, as well as international adventure holidays. The outdoor experiences that we provide take our clients into some of the most exquisite, incredible and extreme environments that Europe has to offer.

About Eliot Stephens

Eliot Stephens is in an elite group of Britain’s best Boulderers, having climbed multiple V14/8B+ boulders, and over a dozen 8B/V13 boulders. He first visited Ticino in February 2013, and has returned yearly ever since, spending over 6 months worth of time in the country in total. Eliot will share both his knowledge of the best areas and climbs, as well as his technical knowledge and approach to climbing. Eliot will deliver high-level performance coaching, in-depth video analysis sessions, and guidance throughout the trip.

Ticino bouldering holiday

Arrival day: Meet at Milan Airport at 2pm – Meet group – Drive to Ticino

Day 1: – Recruitment and General Approach – Observation and initial pointers from Coach Including video analysis. Climbing 3-5 grades below limit. Recruitment day.

Day 2: – Rock Clinic – Coach will break down general approach, tactical skills, and route reading. Clients will have the opportunity to practice on a range of climbs.

Day 3: – Video Analysis Review, Demonstrations, and Light Climb

Day 4:- Adjustment Day – Each client picking one or two things highlighted during Day 3 to focus on.

Day 5:- Project Day – Each client picks something closer to their limit to attempt to climb.

Departure day: Leave Ticino at 10:30 and return to Milan Airport


For information about booking please contact info@intrepidusoutdoors.co.uk

2019 Trip Dates

Trip Date Activity Venue Availability Price
6th-13th March Bouldering Ticino 8 spaces £499 Book Now

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