The ladies that lunch, and cliff jump

Edinburgh is quickly becoming the hen capital of the UK, and the popularity for the Scottish Capital is only growing. If you happen to be walking past Edinburghs’ Waverley Station on a Friday afternoon, the exodus of staggering spice girls, disney princesses and Charlie’s angels from trains, is quite the scene to see. 

Edinburgh is a hen friendly city with something for everyone. The night life is diverse with cocktail bars bosting views of the Edinburgh skyline to karaoke and clubs that are only a short stumble from the chippy. However from our experience, the reason that more and more groups are choosing Edinburgh for their hen weekends away is the contrast of day activities, that just aren’t possible from other cities, and the first class restaurants and bars that only a major city can provide. 

Hen Outdoor Activities Edinburgh | The ladies that lunch, and cliff jump

While we only deliver 25% of adventurous activities to hen parties, as we provide to their antler clad equivalents. The hen parties that choose to complement their weekend away to Edinburgh with an adventurous activities certainly stand out from the crowd. It would not be unfair to say that hen parties joining Intrepidus Outdoors for an adventure are fierce, braver than the boys with the big jumps, AND are punctual when it comes to meeting the mini bus outside their hotel in a morning. While there must be less awesome hen parties out there, this is our list of Hen Outdoor Activities Edinburgh. That, from our experience of delivering outdoor activities for the last five years, you want to hear about. 


Coasteering is adventuring at the seaside and the favourite for hen parties looking for an adventure outside Edinburgh. Coasteering is exploring places that most people will only photograph from the coastal path. You will get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful, rugged and exciting sections of coastline that the UK has to offer. With cliff jumps, exploring sea caves and body surfing, coasteering truly is taking your adventure to new heights!

For more information on coasteering adventures in Edinburgh check out our coasteering page here!

Hen outdoor acitivites Edinburgh

Hen Party Coasteering Adventure


Canyoning is an adrenaline-filled and action-packed adventure that takes place in some of the most exquisite and beautiful locations that you can imagine. Hen groups will descend the exposed rock and crystal clear waterfalls of steep mountain gorges. Jumping from ledges into the glistening pools below, abseiling through vertical features that have taken thousands of years to form, and sliding down shoots where the pitch and rolls couldn’t be more perfect.  Canyoning is an experience that will take you up close and personal with a thrilling raw nature that most people will only photograph from an observation point or look down into from the tourist trails above.

For more information on canyoning adventures in Edinburgh check out our canyoning  page here!

Hen outdoor Acitivty Edinburgh

Hen canyoning adventure


Canoeing is much more mellow that the previous two outdoor activities, less for those groups looking for an adventure and more for hens looked for a view and a cracking pick-nick spot. Scotland has a number of good river trips only a short drive from Edinburgh and suitable for a range of groups and abilities looking for leisurely paddle. 

If you are looking for something a little bit less thrill seeking, and a little more like exploring leisurely… Canoeing is the outdoor activity for you!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Playing at the beach! 2 hours of SUP at the beach is perfect for groups that want to cram as much as they can into their hen weekend to edinburgh. Breaking through the waves, a spot on yoga on the board. What could be better?

Hens at the beach on an adventure Edinburgh

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Intrepidus Outdoors

Intrepidus Outdoors specialises in Outdoor Activites Edinburgh. We are a adventure tourism and outdoor education provider based in Edinburgh. We specialise in canyoning, coasteering, mountain biking and hill walking, and deliver these adventurous experiences across Scotland and the North of England. The experiences that we provide take clients into some of the most exquisite, incredible and extreme environments the UK has to offer.

Mission Statment :

To deliver the highest quality adventurous experiences to entertain, thrill and inspire.

Outdoor Activities Edinburgh & Scotland

Our values reflect those of a business started by a small group of rock climbers and mountain bikers. The experiences that we have had adventuring, and our passion for the outdoors, has led us to choose a lifestyle dedicated to sharing our love for the outdoors with others. The approach that we take to the experiences that we provide, and the business that we run, is that of sustainability, and an unapologetic quest for quality.

For us at Intrepidus Outdoors, we recognise that our experiences kayaking in clean rivers, surfing on unpolluted beaches and climbing frozen waterfalls have contributed to who we are as people. Therefore, protecting the planet so that the next generation of adventurers can have their own experiences, is hugely important for us. We believe that for people, communities and businesses to make the choice to minimise their impact on our planet, they must first value the planet that we have. We feel that the best way for people to value our blue planet, is to have first hand quality experiences in nature. They can then see the beauty of a forest, feel the power of an ocean and learn to love what is outside our towns and cities, so that they then fight to protect them. We strive to through the products that we deliver make a small difference to peoples understanding of the impact that they have on our world.

Our experiences adventuring have made us who we are and Intrepidus Outdoors is a reflection of us. We provide real adventurous experience that we hope you will cherish.

Adventure Activities Edinburgh & Scotland

There are cities where stuff is happening all year round and where you will never get bored. Edinburgh is undoubtedly one of these cities. It’s an extraordinary place, full of history, festivals, impressive architecture and plenty of attractions you won’t find anywhere else. Not to mention that we are located on the door step of so many amazing adventures and outdoor experiences.

We would like to introduce you to this extraordinary city, giving you a full range of possibilities that can be found north of the wall! Edinburgh has a huge dose of beautiful history, world-famous festivals, fantastic attractions, adrenaline fuled expereinces and great food. Edinburgh is calling you and you simply cannot refuse its invitation.

There are a many outdoor and adventurous experiences to be had in Edinburgh. If you are a thrill seeker visiting Edinburgh and interested in a canyoning, coasteering or mountain biking adventure in Scotland, Get In Touch!

Outdoor Adventures Scotland

It’s no secret that Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From the rural coastlines to vast mountain ranges, we have it all.

Whatever kind of experience you’re after you’re sure to find it here, so we’ve put together an adventurer’s guide to Scotland to help get you started. Our guide breaks down all the outdoor activities Edinburgh has to offer and many more adventures to keep you entertained on your holdiay.

To read more check out our adventures guide to Scotland [here]

Check out our Trip Advisor, Youtube channel, Visit Scotland page and blog to hear about how others found their outdoor adventure with Intrepidus outdoors and to see what we do!


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